Writers' League of Texas -- 2008 state finalist


• “Your manuscript has scored the highest (by far).  You can really be proud of this work!  I am impressed.”

• “GREAT job on the storyline and synopsis.”

• “Good 3 dimensional characterizations... Good job making us like him and not like him so much at the same time.”

• “The car wreck scene was written so well I was glad it was the end so I could take a break and walk around.  Pace is real nice.”


North Texas Professional Writers Association --

2007 contest (1st place)


• “A first rate synopsis and first chapter.”

• “The description of the accident is as riveting as it is heartbreaking. It is almost painful to read.”


Houston Writers Guild -- 2007 contest (2nd place)

• “You have an excellent sense of story and a native ability to infuse your story with emotion.”

• “Native gift for dramatization… very well paced”

What Judges Say




Rodney Walther's fiction (especially BROKEN LACES) has been recognized multiple times in writing contests throughout the country, including:

-- 1st place:  Houston Writers Guild

-- 1st place:  Maryland Writers' Association

-- 1st place:  West Virginia Writers

-- 1st place:  North Texas Professional Writers

-- 1st place:  Panhandle Professional Writers

-- State Finalist:  Writers' League of Texas


Crested Butte / "The Sandy" -- 2007 contest

(3rd Place)


• “There is no doubt that you are a writer of novels who well deserves to be published. There is intelligence, verve, and sensitivity in your style.”

• “Great verbs, snappy character self-deprecating observations, humor, and very human guilt. I felt that the characters are finely-drawn and the balance of dialogue and narrative was masterfully handled.”

• “You have an elegant ability to drive your pacing and hook the reader at the end of a chapter, launching interest and energy into the next.”

• “Great synopsis! Can’t find anything to change. This is quite an accomplishment because synopses are hell to write. Yours is tight, bright, and compelling... Bravo!”

• “Well done. Very realistic. I have tears in my eyes.”


San Gabriel Writers League -- 2007 contest

(3rd place)


• “You convey powerful emotional involvements. I feel if you maintain the communication of personal relations and emotional involvement through the rest of your novel, you will have a great and publishable story.”

• “My emotions were almost instantly engaged.”

• “Powerfully compelling… I look forward to reading your novel in print!”