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Who is Rodney Walther?

With his first novel, BROKEN LACES, Rodney Walther merged the passions of managing baseball and of writing into a new career. With more than twenty years as a coach and manager of baseball/softball for youth and adults, Rodney's debut novel confidently took the reader through the dugout, onto the field, and into the complicated landscape of one man's heart.


With his smash second novel, SPACE IN THE HEART, Rodney Walther delivered another emotion-packed story, this one based on his love of space exploration and fatherhood.

Now he's completed two new novels, WHAT REMAINS BEHIND and GLORY OF THE LEOPARD. These books have joined Rodney's long list of stories filled with complex characters, smooth narrative, and satisfying endings.


After years writing software and managing projects, Rodney retired to focus on his writing. Well, that plus driving his tractor, playing semi-competitive table tennis, and spending quality time with his wife, adult children, and their families. Grandkids rule!

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