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When a determined detective investigates murder in a picture-perfect suburban town, she discovers not all victims are saints… and not all killers are monsters.

A young teacher methodically plans and carries out the death of her rapist uncle, believing she can escape any consequences. She doesn’t expect a soul-reading cop to match wits with her.

Nigerian-born Blessing Okeke serves as a detective in Houston’s wealthiest suburb, working hard to solve two high-profile homicides. One is a wealthy businessman executed in his garage. The other is the mayor’s teenage daughter, a runaway found dead from a drug overdose. As Blessing investigates the slaying of the victim in his garage, she soon suspects an unlikely killer: the man’s niece, a kindergarten teacher with no criminal past or apparent reason to kill her uncle. For the teenage girl overdosed in a ditch, Blessing fears human trafficking may be involved.

With the cases growing colder by the day, Blessing must dig into the confusing circumstances and uncover the truth. And when her mother falls ill in Nigeria, Blessing faces a difficult choice: stay in Texas to seek justice for the murder victims or travel back to her homeland to comfort her mother and reconnect with her Nigerian heritage.

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