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What Remains Behind

A single mom accidentally kills two people, then falls in love with their surviving son. The problem? She knows the truth. He doesn’t.

Carly Peters lives on the edge of chaos. Raising a precocious young boy and battling a volatile ex-husband is difficult enough, but then one day she mixes up her morning meds and triggers a double-fatality car wreck.

The only survivor of the unwitnessed accident is Andrew Donovan, a former soldier who suffers from PTSD… and who has no idea that Carly killed his parents.

Unexpectedly, the two embark on a budding romance, but her secret threatens to destroy everything. As guilt bears down on her, Carly faces an awful choice: tell the truth and risk losing it all—her new love, her freedom, and her son—or continue lying and never prove worthy of the man she loves.

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